How to stay sane during the holidays and accomplish what matters most

Wouldn’t it be great if you could end the holiday season feeling hotter than when it started?
That’s not the case for most women. They tend to stress out, splurge, and spend their way through the season, only to find themselves overwhelmed come January.
If you’ve struggled with going off the rails during the holiday season, you’ll find this event uplifting and fun!
The real secret is about believing you can have it all – and then creating your plans with intention.
I’ll walk you through it, step by step. See you soon! Full event details below.
Posting the video from our Red Hot Holiday party that I did with my women’s online health and wellness group as I know some of you were unable to attend! During the party we took time to:
– Celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments
– Choose three words for the holidays and the rest of the year
– look at our list of ‘should’s for the holiday and Delete, Delight, and Delegate
– Make our own wishlist
– Examine our mindset
– Set an extraordinary goal for 2023
I hope you find these tips helpful to make the most of this holiday season, take time for self care, and set yourself up for an incredible 2023!
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